Nutritional Counseling
*We offer personal
one on one nutritional
counseling for Men,
Women,and Children,
focusing on individual
metabolic rates,
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Stop putting yourself and your body through the fad diets and come to us for real, long lasting
results! You have nothing to lose except the weight!
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Our New Services Make Your Journey to the New You Even Easier.
Chose one, two, three or all four to fit your needs:

Personal Shopper
Yes,we actually go
to the supermarkets
with you and teach
you how to read
labels (what to look for in your
products),and help you shop for
healthier alternatives to your
existing daily foods

Personal Chef
Our Chefs will
custom prepare
delicious meals
for you to suit
your palate and
lifestyle. Each meal is packed
separately for easy on the go
Guarantying 3-5 pounds of weight
loss per week.
*Easy to follow, personalized
weekly menus. Eat grocery and
restaurant foods.
We also specialize in programs for
medical conditions.
In Home Nutrition Guidance Service
Personal one
on one edu-
cation on the
foods to eli-
minate from
your refrigerator and cabinets,along
with a list of foods to purchase to
replace them,guiding you to a
healthier eating lifestyle